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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Information Technology and Management BS

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Do you like using computers and technology to solve problems? Do you want to use your tech skills to help organizations grow, modernize and innovate? Technology drives organizations, and UB has one of the only undergrad majors that lets you specialize in business and tech. This STEM designated degree program will help you shape the future of business-and society-by using data and technology. If you want to start new companies, launch new products, and help organizations gain a competitive advantage through strategic technology implementation, then bookmark this page and keep reading.

Visit the Information Technology and Management academic program page for more information about the academic experience, who you will learn from, opportunities outside of class and what you can do with this degree.

Visit the School of Management page  for contact information, a brief overview of the school and the curricular options.

Admission Criteria

  • Complete prerequisite courses
  • Minimum B grades in MGS 101, MGS 102, and MGG 150
  • Minimum 3.000 prerequisite GPA
  • Minimum UB GPA of 3.000
  • Minimum overall GPA 3.000
  • 60 earned credit hours

Current UB students seeking admission to the Information Technology and Management BS should submit the Major Change Request form.

Course Requirements


*Transfer students who have successfully completed a Calculus I course (MTH 121 , MTH 141 , or MTH 153  equivalent) prior to entering UB will be waived from MTH 131 . UB students who began their studies in a major outside of the School of Management who completed MTH 121 , MTH 141 , or MTH 153  as part of their prior academic program will also be waived from MTH 131 . Entering first years who have earned AP credit for MTH 141  will also be waived from MTH 131 . All intended or approved School of Management majors are required to complete MTH 131 .

Total Credits Required for Major: 71

Additional Degree Requirements Include:

  • Additional coursework to fulfill UB Curriculum requirements
  • Elective courses as needed to complete the 120 credit hour total

Total Credits Required for Graduation: 120

Total Credit Hours Required represents the minimum credits needed to complete this program, and may vary based on a number of circumstances. This should not be used for financial aid purposes.

Academic Requirements

  • Students must successfully complete the eight prerequisite courses to be permitted to take the required courses for the major and meet the stated minimum admission requirements (minimum B grades in MGS 101 , MGS 102 , and MGG 150 , 3.000 prerequisite GPA, 3.000 UB GPA, 3.000 overall GPA, and 60 earned credit hours). MGS 101 , MGS 102 , and MGG 150  can not be repeated if a B is not earned in the first attempt. All remaining prerequisites a course is repeated, the School of Management will only look at the grade earned the second time, even if the grade is lower than the grade earned the first time. Students may not enroll in any major-related course (including prerequisites) for a third attempt.
  • After beginning the required courses for the major, students must maintain a minimum UB and Major GPA of 2.000 and successfully complete all degree requirements for degree conferral.

Transfer Credit Policy

Courses at the upper division (300 and 400 level) must be taken from other four-year AACSB Accredited Institutions. Information Technology and Management majors must complete a minimum of 24 credits of required courses (300 and 400 level) School of Management courses at UB. Please remember to consult with your academic advisor about any plans to take courses outside of UB.

Program Honors

Third-years with exemplary first and second-year records and high promise for leadership and independent study, may be eligible for the School of Management honors program. Students must have an overall GPA of at least 3.500 to be eligible to apply. Admitted students complete 9 additional credit hours of coursework over three semesters, including MGB 359 , 6  “Flex Credits”, MGB 360 , MGB 361 , and must take the designated honors section of MGO 403 . Students must also meet the remaining criteria outlined in the Academic Honors policy. Students who successfully complete the honors program and meet the criteria will have the appropriate notation on their official transcript.

Curricular Plan

A Curricular Plan provides a roadmap for completing this academic program and the UB Curriculum on time. Your actual plan may vary depending on point of entry to the university, course placement and/or waivers based on standardized test scores, earned alternative credit and/or college transfer credit.

First Year Fall

Total Credits: 14 or 15

Total Credits: 16 or 17

Total Credits: 17

Second Year Spring

Total Credits: 15

Total Credits: 15

Third Year Spring

Total Credits: 16

Fourth Year Fall

Total Credits: 13

Fourth Year Spring

Total Credits: 13

Total Credits Required: 120

Note: Some classes may count toward both a major and UB Curriculum requirement.

Learning Outcomes

The University at Buffalo School of Management Undergraduate Programs are committed to making a difference in the lives of our students, guided by a culture of responsibility and mutual respect. Learning outcomes for the program are determined and continuously updated through discussion with the faculty group responsible for delivery of the courses in the program, as well as external stakeholders of the program. In this program, students will develop proficiency in three key skill areas.

  • Awareness and use of cutting-edge technology
    • apply knowledge of management information systems to produce effective designs and solutions for specific problems
    • use new and emerging concepts and applications in proposing and creating IT solutions
    • convert business requirements to technical requirements for which IT solutions can be created
  • Effective Project Management
    • facilitate team meetings and collaborate effectively in both face-to-face and virtual interactions
    • assess and offer feedback on one’s own effectiveness as well as team members’ effectiveness with respect to productivity and relationship building in both oral and written formats
  • Effective communication
    • deliver clear, concise, and audience-centered individual and team presentations
    • write clear, concise, and audience-centered business documents
    • articulate IS concepts and solutions to a wide audience

UB’s Information Technology and Management program qualifies as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program, which provides an additional 24 months of Optional Practical Training (OPT) for F-1 visa holders.


(HEGIS: 07.00 COMPUTER SCI UNCLASSIFD, CIP11.1099 Computer/Information Technology Services Administration and Management, Other)


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